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Half Batik Series - Sea Cucumber Handmade Soap (Lemongrass)

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Introduction of Nirmala Sari 

Nirmala Sari developed the Sea Cucumber Handmade Soap around 40 years ago. They are known as a leading brand of Malaysian Sea Cucumber Handmade Soap worldwide. Till today, they produce 100% handmade sea cucumber soaps under excellent craftmanship. 

Sea Cucumber Handmade Beauty Soap

Sea cucumbers has been used traditionally for centuries. They are known for it’s healing wonders because of it’s ability to accelerate it’s cell growth. It also has collagen that is good for skin’s moisture. With it's natural benefit, our handmade sea-cucumber soap multi-purpose and can be used on the face & body.

5 reasons to buy Sea Cucumber Handmade Beauty Soap

  1. Realize fine-grained foaming than ordinal soap
  2. Rich in Collagen
  3. Natural ingredients nourish and moisturize to the skin
  4. 100% Handmade products, made in Malaysia
  5.  This soap is higher-ranking souvenir for tourists.

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